Saturday, October 24, 2020



Free use image by The Digital Artist on Pixabay

freeze my heart
as you melt my brain
you don't allow me to rest
but nor can I get work done
if I was daring
I would try


why not try
this is what you ask
anxiety the reason
for my procrastination
I fear I will fail
look the fool


I am aware that the image is visually disconcerting and unpleasant. It is an accurate depiction of the way anxiety feels.

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  1. Anxiety and its close relative depression are soul suckers. Powerful and skilled soul suckers. And liars as well. Powerful and skilled liars.

  2. Fear is exhausting. Anxiety is exhausting. They steal all of my energy and leave no room for any other thoguhts.

    1. Anxiety is the worst time-suck. The times I've sat there stewing rather than acting amount to years.


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