Saturday, October 3, 2020

Dear Neil


Image copyright Chad Krusentsjerna on Pixabay

Dear Neil,
My heart was broken too many times
In the chaos that was my life before
I don't see the beauty in love anymore
I don't understand those feelings

Dear Neil,
I've been told that I brought my pain on myself
Because my feelings were too intense
Because my chaos didn't make sense
I am without beauty, impossible to love

Dear Neil,
I wonder if you can tell me somehow
How can there be beauty when love is just pain?
Feelings tear like knives through my heart and my brain
My soul can't make sense of this chaos

Dear Neil,
My heart's in a mess
I just want to keep the chaos at bay
I mute the feelings that won't go away
There is no beauty in love I fear


oh no, it's the notes!
The Mindlovemisery's Music prompt was the Neil Young song, Only Love Can Break Your Heart. So the verses of today's poem take the form of brief letters to Neil.

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  1. I can think of other things which break my heart.
    I do like your letters to Neil though.


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