Monday, March 25, 2024

A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal: Hiiiigh Anxiiiiietyyyyyy!

AtoZChallenge theme reveal 2024 #atozchallenge

I'm tardy to the party, but I wasn't even sure I was going to attempt the challenge this year. I dropped out early on last year. I'm going to try again. This time my theme is something I'm all too familiar with. Get ready for The Aspects of

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As for interactions, I'm not looking for advice, although if something has worked for you, feel free to share it. I don't get along with psych meds, so I definitely don't want recommendations for those. If you can't relate to the topics I discuss, that's fine, but don't be a dick. This is the Crazy Creatives Cheerleading Camp, not the Awful Asshats Argument Area. 

As Mike, the delightful host of the That Chapter channel on YouTube says, let's give it a go. 

I can't promise I'll get through to the end, or even much past the beginning, but what the hell. I'm in.

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Owl. The ornery kind. 
I'm actually pretty much a teetotaler, but I feel like doing this most days.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Insecure Writers Support Group 6 March 2024


Have you "played" with AI to write those nasty synopses, or do you refuse to go that route? How do you feel about AI's impact on creative writing?

I actually don't like conflict very much or at all. I've already been involved in a few contentious discussions about this topic during the past month and I don't want to play anymore. While searching for new places to potentially publish my work, I encountered several publishers stating that anyone submitting work suspected of being written by AI would be blacklisted.

I'm not a great fan of blacklisting or cancel culture or McCarthyism in any of its forms, so I did an experiment where I ran a blurb I wrote through an AI checker. It was flagged as potentially being written in cahoots with two AI programs, neither of which I had even heard of. I then had the QuickWrite program write a blurb using the same information. The version written by QuickWrite (an AI program) was only flagged as potentially using one AI program, ZeroGPT. Hence, QuickWrite is apparently more human than me. 

My point was I don't like it when people are accused of things they didn't do. I think there will be a lot more erroneous accusations caused by flawed AI-checking programs than there will be actual cheaters caught. Some people took exception to this, saying some people will do whatever it takes to gain recognition. However, there have always been those kinds of people.

I don't have any problem with people using a program like QuickWrite to compose such odious items as blurbs and synopses. I do have problems with people having Chat GPT write an entire book and claim it as their own. However, as I understand it, the joke's on them because they can't copyright material composed by an AI program. 

I primarily use QuickWrite to create writing prompts for me, which short-circuits the amount of time my glitchy ADHD brain has to think of increasingly wackier ideas when coming up with story ideas. While writing the story, I will sometimes have QuickWrite create a filler scene that I later go back and rewrite myself because said ADHD brain really doesn't like it when I don't compose everything in chronological order. 

AI is a tool, no more and no less. Tools can be used for good or ill. 

That's what I think about the subject. Others are welcome to think what they wish. I have neither the time nor the desire to police everyone's thoughts.

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

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