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Monday Night Movie: The Virgin Suicides


Drama, Romance

Content Warning:

Four out of Five Stars

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The following is a copy of my review on Amazon for this movie with a few additional statements added.

I will receive a small commission from Amazon for any purchases made through the buy link.

This post contains discussions of suicide.

Ornery Review:

As someone who attempted suicide in my teens, I watched this movie with interest. I was raised Catholic like the female protagonists and became rebellious as a teenager. In fairness to my parents, they were not as ridiculously strict as the parents in this film, but we had a lot of arguments.

My heart broke for Lux, the character played by Kristin Dunst. The boy she trusted abandoned her. He was hell-bent on seducing her, and then when he got what he wanted he dumped her. The same thing happened to me and it was the straw that broke the camel's back as far as pushing me to attempt suicide. 

I really hated Trip for his behavior. When you have sex with someone and then your attitude is "after that it was weird and I didn't care how she got home," you don't have the right to say you loved that person again, ever. You don't treat people you love like that, period. 

Lux was in a vulnerable state. She had been drinking before she and Trip had sex, and then she fell asleep. He left her lying out on the football field alone. Anyone who treats another human being like that is trash. This character really made me angry.

After Trip dumped Lux, she began behaving in a hypersexual fashion, seducing as many willing guys as possible and having sex with them on the roof of the family's house. The film's narrator and his friends watch these liaisons through a telescope, making moronic comments.

What people don't understand is that girls who behave in a hypersexual fashion are reacting to trauma of some kind. Rather than showing compassion, these girls are called unkind names and exploited by men and boys willing to take advantage of them. The other boys were not as awful as Trip but still behaved deplorably acting like the Lisbon girls were prizes to be won rather than troubled human beings who needed a friend.

Girls and women are not objects to be ogled, prizes to be won, pets to be kept, or mysteries to be solved. We are human beings. The film does a decent job of expressing the sometimes extremely painful frustration of being a teenage girl. This is a commendable goal as teenage girls are the demographic whose troubles are least likely to be taken seriously.

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

Just Jemi: WEP & Human Song

Just Jemi: WEP & Human Song: Humans were exhausting. Loud, obnoxious, destructive. The world would be a much better place without them but Liaka’s powers didn’t extend t...

As a collective, humans are pretty much irredeemable. We are the most destructive species and the only species that displays deliberate cruelty and sadism for entertainment. Therefore we have to consider each individual person because there are those of us who try to be something better. Sometimes it's hard to keep going knowing the awful things people do to each other and the world. 

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Writing Off the Edge: WEP August 2022 Challenge: Moonlight Sonata

Writing Off the Edge: WEP August 2022 Challenge: Moonlight Sonata: It's time once again for another Write...Edit...Publish challenge. This month's musical prompt is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. ...

Good work incorporating a real situation into the work of fiction. I don't have any school-age kids in my life, so I wasn't aware of the teacher shortage. The cost of living is so high and teacher salaries are, well, not.

The truth is, I wanted to be a professional musician, but as my father informed the psychologist when we went to family counseling, I was the "least musically talented" person in the family. He wanted me to stop pursuing music, and he got his wish. I never played an instrument again after that day, which was some 32 years ago.

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Friday Book Hop 26 August 2022


Biography, nonfiction

Ornery Rating: 
5 out of 5 stars

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I will make a small commission from Amazon for any books bought through this link.

Ornery Owl's Mini Review:

Thank you, dear William, for this book. Star Trek meant a lot to me. I was a socially awkward kid who was often bullied. I felt a kinship with Mr. Spock. I wonder if he would think it was illogical for me to say that I thought he was cool. 

I learned so much about you and Leonard through this book. I laughed and smiled and remembered the things that both of you meant to me. At the end, I cried. 

As someone who has a habit of sticking my foot in my mouth and inadvertently making people angry with me, I could relate to the times when you inadvertently made Leonard angry. I could see your heart in this book. You are a wonderful person and I thank you for sharing your story. 

Beam me up, Scotty!

At the conclusion of the second Star Trek movie, The Wrath of Khan, the Enterprise is facing destruction.

Shatner, William; Fisher, David. Leonard (p. 5). St. Martin's Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. 

Leonard campaigned for McGovern anywhere people would listen to him, from large rallies in arenas to talking to a few committed young people in a college dorm.

Shatner, William; Fisher, David. Leonard (p. 132). St. Martin's Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. 

Book Blogger Hop Question:
26th - Sept. 1st - If you receive a request from an author to read his/her book and you don't have time, do you suggest another way to help the author? (submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver's Reviews)

Here is what I suggest. Join the Marketing for Romance Writer's group at You do not have to be a romance author to join. There you can post requests for help at anytime and have a better chance of finding someone who can review or proofread your book. However, I make no guarantees. As you probably know, writers are perpetually drowning in their own tasks. 

I am generally willing to trade proofreading or review tasks although I don't always have time to do so. If I have the time, I will post book promos, cover reveals and such without expectation of in-kind recompensation. Check out Readers Roost at and feel free to leave a comment there. 

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uniquely maladjusted but fun: Chuck A Kiss #WEPFF #WEP Moonlight Sonata

uniquely maladjusted but fun: Chuck A Kiss #WEPFF #WEP Moonlight Sonata: Chuck A Kiss By Jamie of Uniquely Maladjusted but ...

"You don't want a chance. All you want is some experience."

I found out the hard way that was what the guy I spent my senior year madly enamored with wanted from me. I thought I'd gotten lucky, and he was seeing the light. He was just seeing an easy mark. 

I would have thought that twenty-two years into the twenty-first century, boys might have learned to see girls as human beings. If anything, I think things have gotten worse with kids watching porn from a young age and hookup culture.

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The Warrior Muse: WEP - Moonlight Sonata - The Special Place

The Warrior Muse: WEP - Moonlight Sonata - The Special Place: The Special Place Tagline: Sometimes you need to get away for a bit to find some peace Carol Anne crept through the reeds, her shoes squelch...

I must say, it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Abusers like this are all the same. They didn't mean it. They were tired, stressed, it just happened, you made them do it. 

My aunt (RIP) was married to a horribly abusive man for 25 years. My mother has speculated that chronic head injuries may have been responsible for the dementia she developed later in life.

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Blog of Author J Lenni Dorner: #WEP #NativeAmerican #ShortStory and #BoutOfBooks ...

Blog of Author J Lenni Dorner: #WEP #NativeAmerican #ShortStory and #BoutOfBooks ...: The following is 😉fictionalized. This is about a teen reuniting with his biological parents, and disc...

This is a beautifully written story that makes the reader think about the injustices that continue to be faced by American Indians. 

I never worried that my child would be taken from me at birth. I was 25 years old and married. I had a friend in high school who was pushed into giving her baby up for adoption. She fell into a deep depression after that and disappeared. Nearly 40 years later, I still think about her often and wonder what happened to her.

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Stories From A Starry Sky: Weekend Writing Warriors: Across the Night Sky 29

Stories From A Starry Sky: Weekend Writing Warriors: Across the Night Sky 29:     Welcome to a weekly post of Weekend Writing Warriors. If you'd like to check it out or give it a try, click here to go to

I don't think I'd be thrilled about being in this situation either. It might be even worse than going to the dentist. A little anyway. I'm very dental-phobic. I always have to get nitrous oxide. I hate the way it makes me feel, but it alters my sense of time.

You know you hate something when the possibility of being abducted by aliens sounds like a better option.

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**Daryl Devoré's Blog**: I thought I had found a friend. Julie's comment to...

**Daryl Devoré's Blog**: I thought I had found a friend. Julie's comment to...: Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors! Where writers share an excerpt of their writing on Sunday.  Visit other participants on the list and re...

I've sought friends who would be interested in me as well as themselves for my entire life. Any time I think I've found them, they either disappear or betray me. That's the problem with being broken. Only other broken people will have anything to do with you.

Neither of these characters seems especially broken, at least not on the surface. I find myself relating to them anyway.

There's a movie/story called "More Beautiful for Having Been Broken." I've always thought what a load of nonsense that idea is.

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Open Book Blog Hop + Tackle It Tuesday: Pacing


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This week's question:
Do you have any tips on controlling pacing in your stories? How do you manage it? 

To be honest, this is not something I have given much thought to and, therefore, I have no tips to offer. Nor can I tell you how I manage it. It pretty much manages itself. 

While some of my stories are action-intensive, I don't tend to write "fast-paced" stories. During the editing process, I look to remove extraneous details and repetition. I may move certain parts of the story around to make it more effective.

In managing my own life, I have never been good at pacing myself. I am not good about taking breaks. I can become hyperfocused. If I didn't have to eat I probably wouldn't, because it interrupts my writing process. Overall, I'd say my stories are better at self-regulating than I am.

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

Ornery Owl
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Hangry Wyrm
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"Damn it, Ornery, I'm hungry! Stop speaking and let's eat!"

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Open Book Blog Hop + About Me Monday: Disappointment


Teenage me was nowhere near as pretty as the girl in the photograph, but she believed her life would be perfect if she could become pretty. 

I am not a pretty girl, it isn't what I do.

You may be wondering why I would post a picture resembling my teenage self's ideal appearance. 

Well, today's question for the Open Book Blog Hop is...

Do you think the child you were would be impressed by the person you've become?

Buckle up, Bitches, coz it's about to get real and it's about to get real salty. If you have a problem with profanity or with a frank discussion of topics such as depression and low self-esteem, the back arrow is your friend. I don't take kindly to people telling me how I should feel, what I should think, or whether I should pepper my speech with expletives. 

I tackle some difficult subject matter in this post, including:
Discussion of sexual assault
Diet culture
Eating disorders
Internalized fatphobia

If you think any of these points will be triggering for you, please approach with caution or avoid it. Whatever you deem best for your own mental health.

The child I was is disappointed in what I became, but she doesn't have much to say about it.

The teenager I was despises what I became.

So, what about me does my angry inner teen dislike so much about the woman I am?

I am broke and I am broken.

I became old without ever becoming fabulous first.

I have multiple health problems. These include endocrine problems. Thanks to a completely fucked endocrine system and decades of food insecurity both because of insufficient income to purchase adequate sustenance and because of being brainwashed into trying to hate myself thin, I was often in starvation mode. As Caroline Dooner says in The Fuck It Diet, your body doesn't know if you're in the middle of a famine or if you're trying to fit into a ridiculously small bikini. It reacts the same way.

The Fuck It Diet is the only diet anyone needs. I recommend it in conjunction with Health At Every Size. 

Yes, I digress, but I will never pass up an opportunity to help people escape the prison of diet culture for good.

My inner teen doesn't get that chronic dieting destroys the body's ability to lose weight, particularly if said body also has endocrine problems. She is outraged by my "allowing myself to get so fat." 

Yes, I use the word fat. It is a neutral description of a large physique with a high percentage of adipose tissue. I am an old, fat, disabled woman who lives in poverty. There is nothing wrong with any of this except for the poverty part. Nobody should live in poverty. A society that allows anyone to do so has failed. Because the little town where I live has a monthly food bank, my son and I have adequate provisions.

My son is not able to work a normal job either. He is high-functioning autistic and his sleep schedule is very irregular. He speculates that he may have a 25-hour circadian rhythm. He also has issues with depression and anxiety. He is not on disability because one of us needs to be able to amass savings in case of an emergency. People on disability are not allowed more than $2000 in savings. Considering that replacing a water heater, for instance, costs more than $2000, this is pretty fucked up.

Back to my inner teen. Considering that she hoped to become a beloved actress, a famous musician, a renowned writer married to a famous actor, musician, or fellow writer, or some combination of all of the above, I can understand why she is horrified at being stuck back in the early 1980s looking at me and knowing that I am what she will become.

I can understand why my inner teen despises me. I used to despise her too. I thought she was a horrible, spoiled brat who ruined my life. 

I no longer hate the troubled girl I used to be. In the past five years, I've started to understand why my life turned out the way it did. I craved acceptance but never found it. An older boy sexually assaulted me when I was fifteen, but I believed it was not a "true" sexual assault because there was no PIV penetration. It took me 40 years to realize that unwanted digital penetration is sexual assault and to understand why I started acting out following this incident.

My inner child and inner teen are still integral to my creativity. Even though I am more psychologically fractured than someone who was accepted by their peers and had a normal and non-traumatic childhood, I have managed to become someone worthy of my own respect although I may never find it possible to like myself.

 When I hear people saying you have to "love" yourself, that is such a strange concept to me and I think, no, I do not have to "love" myself. Attempting to do so feels forced and artificial. I need to respect myself and have compassion for myself, including all the fractured, wounded, broken bits. I need to realize that although I am not what anyone else would consider even remotely physically attractive, I am still worthy of being treated with common decency and respect and I will accept nothing less.

This is one of my favorite reasonably current pictures of myself despite the bloated "endocrine face." My Crowley doll makes my inner child happy. My inner teen wishes we had more time for writing fan fiction. Adult me realizes that I am a taskmaster when it comes to myself and I don't know if that will ever change.

I was still able to use Henna when this picture was taken and enjoyed changing the color of my hair every couple of months. Unfortunately, I developed an allergy to the Henna and my scalp became full of scabs and scales. It was itchy and unpleasant, so I gave up and went back to my natural gray. I'm not ashamed of my gray hair at all, I just had fun changing the color. My gray hair is very resistant to most dyes so regular hair dye won't work. I can't be arsed to color my hair at this point anyway.

Yeah, so that probably wasn't a pleasant read, but I'm not sorry. It's as real as it gets, and...

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

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It would be a straight-up crime not to share the absolutely tan-fastic deep progressive house mix accompanying my writing on this fine day. 

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Insecure Writers Support Group 3 August 2022


Image by Shaun from Pixabay

When you set out to write a story, do you try to be more original or do you try to give readers what they want?

Before I start letting my mind Post Toastee, I'm coming at you with a warning. I have a tendency to cuss. A lot. If you're sensitive to salt and salty language, the back arrow is your friend.

When I set out to write a story, I don't try to do a damn thing except write the story. I don't try to be original, I am a goddamn original. They broke the mold when they made me. It was a really fucked-up mold, and I often wish it had been broken before they made me. Being an "original" is not always sunshine and roses. Most people despise those who are different. 

I'm not trying to be a shitty-ass thief and claim this picture belongs to me. I'm not sure who the photographer is. If I find out, I'm happy to give credit where credit is due. 

This past month has been a struggle for me. I went off the rails quite a bit. It was nothing anyone would notice. It was all in my own head. One of the few friends I had ghosted me. I don't get over being slagged off easily because I don't have many connections in the world. This is why I'm reluctant to get close to people.

One thing I've been doing because it's been hard for me to work on my own stuff is reading biographies. This is one of the few ways I can connect to people. Sometimes I find out I have something in common with someone I admire. I usually realize that they probably wouldn't like me because I'm a hard pill to swallow, but it helps me feel a little less alone.

Joey Ramone's brother wrote a book about their relationship. He gave the book the cheeky title I Slept with Joey Ramone. Three thumbs up to Mickey and his editor! 

You can check the book out here if you're so inclined. If you buy it through this link, I'll make a teeny tiny commission from Amazon.

So, anyway, I sure as hell don't set out to please the public or give the people what they want. I can't write according to a formula. I couldn't even if I wanted to. I've tried. ADHD always insures that I'm not gonna get away with that shit. Oh, look, a squirrel! And it has a subplot in its adorable little claws! Me likey!

As for trying to be an original, if you're trying, you're not an original. Some of us don't have any choice except to be who we are, even if who we are is totally fucked up. 

I'm in good company, but it doesn't make it any less painful. I wouldn't wish a lifetime of my experiences on anybody. I do wish the people who pushed me to hate myself would have to experience what it's like to be me for a week. 

People think Joey Ramone is cool now, but they didn't treat him cool back in the day. He had some serious psychological problems. As his brother noted:

Jeff Starship would walk out of Birchwood Towers from the third-floor exit, where you had to pass through a children’s playground to get to the street. The kids would climb off the seesaws and monkey bars to view Jeff in his jumpsuit and platform boots, the likes of which they’d never witnessed before (good thing Edna didn’t have the gold lamé). The kids peppered Jeff with the kind of remarks you’d expect little kids to make. Their mothers, who were as spoiled as the kids, did nothing to curb them and made no attempt to teach them that it wasn’t polite to point at and jeer at someone who was a little different. Jeff suppressed his anger at the little brats but later used it as inspiration for a song.

Leigh, Mickey. I Slept with Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir (p. 97). Touchstone. Kindle Edition. 

I like the picture I selected of Joey Ramone because it doesn't show him in performer mode. It shows the vulnerable young man who never fit in regardless of how popular his stage persona may have become. Jeff Hyman had a lot of challenges and not always a lot of support. I'd like to think we could have been friends if we'd met, but maybe we were both too fucked up. 

One thing I think he would have told me is "keep going, Friend, and write it how you want it. Fuck what anyone else wants. You have to write it for you."

I think it's so, and I'm trying to get back to that again. 

I've really kind of had enough of this year. I keep trying to see the good. Sometimes the only place I can find the good is reaching from the shadows of the past. Not my past, mind. My past is what brought me to this point. I'm trying to work through it.

To sum things up, when I write, I'm not trying to be anything or to please anyone but me. I'm just telling a story.

Image by Taken from Pixabay

There's a phrase that people love to apply to folks like me. That phrase is "damaged goods."

People may apply this phrase to someone who was sexually molested as if we are somehow now tainted and impure because of an act committed on us by a predator.

People also like to apply this phrase to those who have psychological problems, as if only one kind of person should be allowed a chance at a good life.

People like me struggle, but our struggles would be less damaging if we knew we could trust someone not to belittle us and tell us to "just stop feeling like that." 

I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid. 

If it was that easy, I'd already have done it.

Delivering the word Ornery style
Whether anyone wants it or not
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Some people have less star appeal than others, but sometimes they shine far brighter than those with more. --Mickey Leigh