About Me Monday

It's all about you, Beeyotch! Share your link to a post about you. Tell us how you do! Posts promoting your products, services, and creations are fine. Spammy MLM posts will be deleted.
Crazy Creatives Cheerleading Camp believes in Health at Every Size and Size Acceptance, not diet culture. Please do not share pro-diet culture, pro-weight loss, thinspo, fitspo, pro-ana, or pro-mia posts. 
It's fine to share your ED battles. Many of us are trying to break up with ED and his crappy voice in our head telling us that we will never be thin enough. It is not fine to promote the idea that one size is better than another. 
Folks of all sizes and states of health both mental and physical are welcome here. Let's support each other. 
Come on and tell the rest of us All About You!

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