Saturday, October 17, 2020

Blow Your Stack Saturday: Big Fat Obsession


Free use image from Pixabay

content warning:
if you're offended by cussing
I don't give a fuck

 my blood reveals the faults in my stars
or at least in my DNA
my bones are strong, what can I say
my breath often spews forth in the ragged hacking
of an asthmatic cough
my heart, broken many times
beats strong and regular beneath my sagging breasts
in fact, medical people have commented favorably
on my hardy heart
but in the end, nobody sees a goddamn thing about me
except for my belly
which they've deemed too full of jelly
and my ample ass
so every day when I wake up
the first thing I have to do after taking a piss
is tell myself that I deserve to live
and that I don't deserve to be treated like shit
just because I'm fat
and if your thought starts with "well, if you'd just lose weight"
then you can fuck right off
along with everyone else who ever pounded this hate into my head
because I just did that a lot of times
until my body decided
I couldn't do that anymore
diets don't work
and you shouldn't treat people like trash
even if you don't think they're pretty


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  1. Pretty is as pretty does - which far too many of the people lauded as attractive do not understand.

  2. I love your content warning. I may steal it's format someday. Appearance is a fleeting and flawed measure of a person's value. People who use it should fuck off.


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