Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A Concoction of Flamboyant Thoughts: Gliding in the Sky

A Concoction of Flamboyant Thoughts: Gliding in the Sky:  Day 13, #OctPoWriMo This platform provides such positive energy! After a long day at work, I feel rejuvenated writing and allowing my creat...

I hate the fact that in the twenty-first century, rigid gender roles are being reinforced more than ever. I'm not sure how much of my struggles were because of my cognitive and psychological conditions and the stigma attached to those and how much of them were due to sex-based oppression, but I absolutely have experienced both.


  1. How I long to fly. Or glide.
    Stumbling forward seems to be much more common. And sometimes even the stumbles are better than marking time.

    1. Truth. It's the same for me.
      When I was a young child, I often dreamed that I was flying.
      I lost that when I was in my teens and there were expectations that I needed to pretend to choose a career path, but what my path was really supposed to be was to go to college and get an Mrs.
      I did that, but my family didn't like the guy I did it with.


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