Saturday, October 10, 2020

No Forgiveness


Free use image copyright J.C. Cards on Pixabay

everybody talks about forgiveness being the right way
letting go of your anger and having all good things to say
forgiveness is the only path to your certain victory
letting your anger go up in smoke is how to be set free
but i'm done forgiving the bastards who loved to make me weep
because they robbed me of peace whether I'm awake or asleep
and i'll be god damned if i'm going to turn the other cheek
their sick, twisted game is one that I'm no longer gonna play
all i ever really wished was for them to let me be
don't owe it to no one to forgive those who abuse and creep


Poetry style:
CinqTroisDecaLa Rhyme

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  1. It is another of those universal 'truths' I wrestle with. IF I am able to forgive them, am I also supposed to forget? Not a happening thing here.

    1. For me, it's no longer allowing them to take up space in my head. It's not a "sweetness and light" happy crappy forgiveness where now all is healed and everything is wonderful. Hate takes a lot of energy, so it's more a matter of not hating than of forgiving. Also, saying that I understand how certain factors may have driven a person to becoming a certain way does not mean that I forgive their actions.
      I don't think that anyone is beholden to forgive those who wronged them. I really can't abide that idea.


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