Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The Faux Fountain Pen: Not Enough Hours in the Day

I write a lot. I can't work an outside job anymore due to having become disabled. I don't miss being a slave to a time clock, but I do miss having a steady paycheck. I would have to drive 60 miles to get to a gym. There isn't much I could do there anyway. I miss the therapy pool from when I worked in a retirement community. I could do a lot of things in the water that I can't do on land, like running and jumping.


  1. Never enough hours. Not enough for the things that 'have' to be done, let alone for the things we want to. And yes, water therapy has been (in the past) a real boon to me too. Perhaps I will be able to get back to it - some day.

    1. There are two empty buildings across the street from my house. I wish I could turn one of them into a little gym with a therapy pool. Another one of those pipe dreams, I fear.


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