Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Tattooed on my Heart


This is the tattoo on my left shoulder
The picture was taken by my son
You're welcome to use it if you do so in a respectful manner
Not to put too fine a point on it, but if you can't bring yourself to be respectful, you can fuck off. 

my plush, furry friend
how you made this hard heart soft
life coarse and cruel
losing you made me grow cold
although my dead heart still beats


You Need the Notes
I really can't abide the kind of person whose first comment upon seeing a picture of someone's tattoo is "ew, I don't like tattoos." I'm quite sure they didn't get the tattoo with you in mind, Sunshine.

I got my first tattoo at 49 years old. It is on my right deltoid. 

To me, it's fairly obvious that a tattoo like this is done to honor someone, which, in fact, it was. But some sanctimonious sort had to point out their dislike of tattoos to show how saintly they are because they don't have any tattoos.

I've known heavily tattooed people who embody what I think are the characteristics a saint should have, such as empathy and tolerance, and people with no tattoos who are caustic and judgmental. I know whose company I'd rather keep. 

When I was living in downtown Denver at nineteen, it wasn't the punks who made me feel so uncomfortable that I spent most of the summer hiding in my apartment. It was the clean-cut guys who thought it was fun to follow me, whistling at me like they were calling to a dog. 

I judge people based on their behavior, not their physical appearance.

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  1. I have no tattoos. Simply because I cannot think of one that is sufficiently meaningful.
    And a big yes to NOT judging people by their covers.

    1. My son is the sort of person who doesn't want any tattoos, but he doesn't judge people who have tattoos.
      It's funny because when he was a little kid, he said he wanted to get a dragon tattoo on his arm and a lightning bolt like Harry Potter on his forehead.
      I said to wait until he was 21 and think about it again. The dragon would be fine (for an adult to get) but the lightning bolt on the forehead would be the sort of thing that most people end up regretting.

  2. Nice tattoos. I got my first one for my 50th birthday. They are very personal to me so most people don't even know I have them because they are in places where I usually only see them.

    1. Same. I'd be perfectly fine with having visible tattoos, but I'd never hear the end of it from my mother.


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