Sunday, October 25, 2020

Saccharine Compliments


Free use image copyright John Hain on Pixabay

the things that people say to me
always come off contradictory
your imagination is certainly flexible
but your credentials are hardly credible

you're a walking psychological disorder
whose house has never been in order
the anarchy in your brain
can only be described as insane

to expand on our point of view
you are chaos through and through
it's hardly a stretch to say
that you should be locked away

oh, but you're an imaginative little tart
they say with soulless smiles and no heart
all saccharine and lies
that cause me to roll my eyes

they look at me with disdain
as if I have no brain
then try to ply me with false compliments
their bullshit makes no sense

I stopped playing by the rules
because I found that rules are for fools
since I do nothing right anyway
I may as well do things my way



Poetry Style
Some crap that I thought up and I made the end words rhyme.
Seriously, I was so not up to attempting to create my own poetry style.

Want more poetry that's just your style? Or my style, anyway.

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