Wednesday, May 22, 2019

WTF Wednesday: Those Damn Annoying Pop-Up Boxes

"Heyyyyyy, I see you're trying to read this post! But don't you want to fucking subscribe to my shit too? I'll only ask you every goddamn time you come back to the site, even if you've already subscribed, Bitch!"

If you know me, you know I have multiple blogs for the various different crap that I do. Check the Blogs of the Netherworld page for more information.

You want to know what none of these sites have or will ever have?
Those goddamn annoying pop-ups that appear right in the middle of the goddamn screen every fucking time you visit the page.
Why would I want to visit a page that is certain to piss me off?
Because some of these blogs have actual good information. But the first thing they do is piss me off with an annoying pop-up.
I am extra done with annoying pop-ups.
If you're going to have a "HEYYYY, YOU WANT TO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS SHIT" pop-up, at least don't put it in the middle of the goddamn screen! Because you know what that makes readers want to do? Tell you to fuck off!
Advertising is a necessary evil. But I greatly prefer advertising which is informative rather than a form of psychic attack.
So what I want to know on this WTF Wednesday is WTF do I have to do to make those annoying-ass pop-ups fuck right the fuck off?
(Yeah, I'm in a foul mood this morning.)


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