Monday, May 27, 2019

About Me Monday #2

Today's About Me Monday is actually about my late maternal grandmother.
The following is a response to this post on We Hunted The Mammoth in which one belligerent brain trust of an "incel" stated that he likes to body-slam bitches who dare to look at him while he's walking past. Several people called bullshit. One said he probably reserves his tough guy act for vulnerable girls in their early teens and elderly women with canes.
These were my thoughts on the matter.
RE: the "body slammer" and elderly women with canes
Just remembering my late maternal grandmother. She would have taken up her cane and whaled on his ass. Where my grandmother went to school, they had outhouses, and there was a knothole in one side of the girl's outhouse. There was a boy who would stick his John Thomas through the knothole to make the girls scream.
One day my grandmother was in the outhouse when he decided to do his thing. She whacked old J.T. smack on the head with a ruler. The exhibitionistic young fellow ran off screaming and never introduced John Thomas into the girls' outhouse again.
My grandmother was raised as a fire-and-brimstone Baptist Christian, but she was no stranger to raising some hell when it was called for.
For those who are wondering, "incel" is code for "Involuntary Celibate." These assholes like to blame everything (particularly women) for their inability to get laid. They refuse to look at the fact that being belligerent sociopathic shits who badmouth everyone is what prevents them from getting laid. When you refer to women as "foids" (short for Femoid), your own mother as a used-up slut who rode the cock carousel for years before finally settling for your beta cuck father, and spend your time staring at your sister's "Chad" of a boyfriend with lust--excuse me, I mean glowering at him intimidatingly--you need look no further than yourself for why no-one wants you around. And no, it isn't because you aren't a "Chad." (In incel-speak, Chad is code for a hunky white guy, usually blond. Hunky black guys are Tyrone.) It's because you have the personality of a compost heap.
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