Thursday, May 23, 2019

FOAD Thursday #1: The One Who Should FOAD Most Of All

Are you surprised?
This complete asswipe sociopath bastard shitgibbon despot, Cheeto Stalin, needs to fuck off and die more than pretty much everyone in the entire world, if not the entire Universe.
Except maybe for his supporters. They can fuck off and die too.
I'm so glad this fuckwad is in hot water.
I said to my son that I want to see him impeached so bad.
My son said he'd rather see him go to jail.
I said certainly that's what should follow impeachment.
Even if my life continues on the same dismal trajectory, it will be a glorious day when this fucking asshole gets what's coming to him.
For the good of all, Lord Dampnut seriously needs to fuck off and die.

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