Friday, May 24, 2019

Fat Friday: Welcome to Fat Friday #1

Welcome to the first Fat Friday here at the Camp! I suppose you could call it Fat Camp, but this Fat Camp isn't trying to force you to lose weight. 
This Camp is all about sharing encouragement with your fellow fatties if you are fat, and with your fat friends if you aren't. 
Bring on the Fatspiration! 
Share some glorious Fatshion!
Share recipes, fat positive images, artwork, stories.
Share your struggles with accepting yourself as you are.
It's fine to share thoughts on your struggles with disordered eating. A lot of us are in the same boat.
Here is what isn't welcome on Fat Friday.
Any post promoting diet and weight loss culture. There are more than enough spaces for that. Links to such posts will be deleted. No Thinspo. No Fitspo. At the Camp, we are for Health at Every Size, not size normativity.
Also, while it may be tempting to do so because of all the hatred those of us with larger bodies have had to endure, please don't share posts with any "real women have curves" and "only dogs like bones" kind of statements. Real people come in all sizes. It isn't our intent to be hateful to thin people, only to try and make changes in a culture that says beauty only comes in one size.
Now that the rules are out of the way, feel free to share away!


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