Monday, May 20, 2019

About Me Monday #1: High School

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Let's don't beat about the bush, high school was the rat's ass. 
Hello and welcome to the new About Me Monday feature on the Crazy Creatives Cheerleading Camp. Today, I will be answering some questions about high school, as provided by Sparks from a Combustible Mind.

Did you know your current significant other? 
Let's make it clear right here that I am not romantically involved with any person currently alive on this planet. So, that would be a resounding NO.
Make and year of car? 
1978 Chevy Vega. It had a bent axle and I had to compensate for the fact that it always pulled to the right. It was a big adjustment when I got a car that didn't do that.
What kind of job? 
I worked putting inserts into the local newspaper, and man did we newspaper stuffers get higher than a kite sometimes.
Where did you live? 
I just called it Peyton Place.
Were you popular? 
Hell to the no.
Were you in choir? 
No. The choir teacher was a bitch and the band teacher was a dick. I was in band previously but in my senior year, I decided I was done with that shit.
Ever get suspended from school? 
No, but only because I never got caught.
If you could, would you go back? 
"Hey, Cie, if you could, would you go back to a place where you were bullied and ostracized and always getting in fights and where you couldn't fucking stand to be sober and people spread really shitty rumors about you?" Yeah, that sounds like a plan.
Still talk to the person that you went to prom with?
Did you skip school? 
Not in my senior year. I ditched all the time in my sophomore year and made up for it in my junior year by packing all my necessary credits in so I only had to show up for a couple of classes in my senior year. I was fucking done with that place.
Go to all the football games? 
Not after I'd kicked band to the curb. 
Favorite subject? 
Do you still have your yearbooks? 
Did you follow the career path you planned?
In this life, nothing has gone as planned.
Did you have a class ring? 
Still close with your best friend? 
Who was your favorite teacher? 
Mr. Farrar. He was my independent studies and communications teacher. He was a very nice man and he treated me like a human being.
What was your style? 
Rock band t-shirts and jeans.
Favorite shoes? 
Athletic shoes, although I don't think that chugging beer is considered a sport.
Favorite music? 
Hard rock and metal, although I did have a soft spot for certain pop and new wave songs.
High school Hair? 

The bangs were shorter, but it was a little bit something like this.
What kind of cologne/perfume? 
It was cheap and possibly stinky. I've always liked rose scents. There was a perfume you could buy at the dime store called Blue Waltz. It had a pretty bottle. I became allergic to perfumes and colognes and at this point only use essential oils.

How old when graduated? 
Did you play a sport?
When I was at the beginning of my sophomore year, I was trying to clean up my act. I joined the cross country team and came in dead last at our first meet. I was so ashamed that I quit and went back to my old ways. My former teammates all ridiculed and scorned me. Nothing but one good time after another in good ole Peyton Place!
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