Wednesday, March 10, 2021

The Plain Truth


Image by Lucija Rasonja from Pixabay

I feel an all too familiar pain in my soul

As I look out through foggy glass surrounded by weathered pane

And realize that I will never be on top of anything

Not even if I take a plane to the stars

It is plain to me that my most troubled relationship

Has always been the one that I have with myself


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  1. You are not alone.
    I don't agree with anyone all of the time, and that certainly includes myself.

    1. Thank you. I find that whenever people are kind to me, I wait for the moment when they will tire of me. I will never be okay, and, as the comments on my poetry blog show, a lot of people just don't understand that. I often feel like me and most people come from different planets. I've never felt like I belonged on this one.


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