Saturday, March 6, 2021

Denise Covey: #WEPff FEBRUARY - 'Woman in Gold', Inspired by 'TH...

Denise Covey: #WEPff FEBRUARY - 'Woman in Gold', Inspired by 'TH...: Hello! Welcome to WEP 2021, the Year of Art . We begin with Klimt's THE KISS. My entry today is taken from my to-be-published-in-2021 no...

A nicely romantic story.

As poorly as I've done with romance in life (I always manage to epically cock things up even when I don't choose terrible partners) I don't understand where my propensity for writing romance for these challenges comes from as it's something that I would run from in reality. This would be quite a feat considering that I have to use a walker for more than very short distances.

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