Thursday, November 14, 2019

FOAD Thursday: A Love Letter to Richard Marx

Popstar Richard Marx has proven beyond the shadow of any doubt that he truly should go eat a bag of dicks.

Wow, @richardmarx , nice. Someone invents something that could help the sort of person who can walk but not very far at a go, whether that reason be pain or weakness, and you have to say something shitty. I used to like you, but not anymore. Fucking ableist prat. 

Yes, I tweeted this at him. So disappointing. I loved his album "Rush Street." I played it over and over. At this point, fuck him. I don't care how good a singer you are, it doesn't make up for you being an utter knob.

I can't stand up for long periods of time before I start having severe pain in my right leg. Walking is better than standing, but I have to take a lot of rest breaks. I'm trying to rebuild my strength, but my worth is not dependent on my being able to do so.

Since @richardmarx has proven that he is not just a musician but also an ableist douche canoe, I have a little song I'd like to dedicate to him. He can pucker up and kiss my disabled ass. Having trouble walking & standing does not make a person worth less. Nor even does being "unfit," you sanctimonious, bigoted, asshat, self-righteous concern troll.

Richard Marx can take his "concern" for the American people's "health" and shove it where the sun don't shine. He can also go pound sand up his ass, go piss up a rope, go hump a stump, go eat a bag of dicks, go fuck a cactus, and, last but not least, FOAD.

It's really disappointing when your heroes turn out to be dickwads. 

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