Friday, April 12, 2019

13 Things I Would Like To See Disappear

Here are some things that I'd like to see gone.

*Weight loss "compliments."
*Size shaming
*Fat bashing
*Thin praising
*Weight loss being touted as the answer to everything
*"Flattering" clothing (aka "it makes you look thinner")
*Terms like "tummy tamer" and "thigh hider" on swimwear
*People going on and on and on and on and on about their latest die-t or their "weight loss journey." Did you have a good poop today too? 
*Larger people only appearing in movies and television shows to be ridiculed or to show how they go from being fat and "ugly" to being thin and "beautiful"
*Teaching girls to hate their bodies from an early age
*Sexy clothing for little girls
*Sexed-up Halloween costumes
*People resorting to ad-hominem attacks rather than focusing on behaviors

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