Wednesday, April 17, 2019

NaPoWriMo 2019: Day 17: A Quatern In Memory of Rachel

Image by Katja Just from Pixabay

Dear Rachel, you were my good friend
In many ways, your life was hard
You came from humble beginnings
Were buried in a pauper's grave

Strange that you've been gone ten years
Dear Rachel, you were my good friend
One of the few to accept me
One of the few to know my heart

Wish I could have done more to help
Though there were many miles between
Dear Rachel, you were my good friend
I have never forgotten you

I wish you hadn't died alone
Wish I could have been by your side
You were estranged from family
Dear Rachel, you were my good friend


Written in memory of my spirited friend
Rachel Lee (September 8, 1940 - April 17, 2009) who died of complications from diabetes. 
This isn't where Rachel is buried, but she would love this place.
We will meet again in a place like this.
The poem is a Quatern. (Duh.)
I didn't end up following the NaPoWriMo prompt.

I am no longer doing the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads Poems in April prompts.
While there were a lot of great people who made me feel like I might have found "my tribe", it became clear that I really didn't belong there, so I feel it's best that I distance myself. Thank you to those of you who were kind to this freak of nature. Maybe one day Rachel and I will have tea with you in a place like the lovely memorial garden pictured above.

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