Friday, November 6, 2020

Fat Friday: A Big Fat Fuck You to Anderson Cooper

I did not want to write about this shit today. 

I wanted to write about my characters finding a grim grimoire and all the ghoulish fun that comes with that sort of thing. Instead, I am writing about a shitty, juvenile jab that privileged millionaire asshole anchor Anderson Cooper made about trump resembling "an obese turtle flailing on its back."

If you can't see why this is a really fucking shitty thing to say, sit back, shut up, and let your old Aunt Cie explain this shit to you.

Anderson Cooper just used heavy people--a marginalized group--to insult an odious politician. His insult implies that trump's size is the worst thing about trump. Not trump's policies, not trump's narcissistic behavior, not trump's misogyny, racism, or belittling of disabled people. His fucking size. 

Well, that's a pretty god damn stupid thing to say, but there are plenty of goddamn fools patting Cooper on the back as if the fucker just discovered a goddamn cure for cancer.

I saw some gob-smackingly stupid shit from people trying to excuse Cooper's juvenile jab. Take this bit, for instance.

Colt here excuses using the word "obese" because it's a medical term and trump is, at least according to Colt, "obese."

As I said, "obese" is a medical slur. Its use others large patients and minimizes their concerns. When I worked as a nurse, if a patient was heavy, "obese" was one of the first things that got written on their chart. Doctors looked at this shitty diagnosis and felt that this patient did not need to be taken seriously. Clearly, they had made a "lifestyle choice" to "eat themselves into this condition." All they needed to do is lose weight and everything will be fine. Also, this patient can be treated in a subhuman fashion and psychologically abused with impunity.

You can ask Ellen Maud Bennett how that advice worked out for her.

Oh, wait, no you can't. Because she's dead. Since doctors didn't take her complaints about feeling poorly seriously the multiple times that she made them and instead told her that she would feel better if she lost weight, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer too late to save her life.

Ovarian cancer is very treatable if caught in the early stages.

These doctors are complicit in Ellen's death.

A large body type is rarely the simple result of "calories in, calories out." DNA is the biggest factor in determining a person's body type, but many medical conditions as well as medications play a role as well. Even if being heavy were always the result of a person massively overeating, using such people as the butt of jokes is still a shit thing to do. 

Do you suppose that someone who is a chronic binge eater is happy, and do you really suppose that belittling them will shame them into changing their ways? Do you truly think that your bullying will lead to your target becoming slim and happy and an acceptable member of society, adding to the roster of people that you want to fuck? After all, anyone whom you do not deem fuckable is clearly that way just to piss you off since the world totally revolves around you.

Just admit it. The idea that fat people should be treated with basic decency, including not using them as an illustration of The Worst Thing A Person Can Be, upsets you because you WANT someone that you can scapegoat and be vile to with impunity. Your spirit is so mean and your life such a drag that you must have someone you can shit on in order to prop yourself up.

Now, let's address this foolishness.

"He absolutely deserves to be called the worst things on the planet.
Being obese is not one of the worst things on the planet. If you think that it is, you're part of the problem."

Yeah, but Alexi, Anderson Cooper just implied that it was. That was his big hilarious gotcha. Der Trumpenfuhrer is an obese turtle flailing around on it's back! Hurr hurr hurr! Me so funny! Try again, Alexi.

In closing, Anderson Cooper can go fuck himself, and if you think what he said is the sickest sick burn ever and that he totally deserves a Pulitzer prize for that majorly awesome gotcha, you need to take a hard look at yourself.

Ornery Owl is displeased
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  1. Yes.
    And while I can think of a lot of things I would criticise the President about, his size is not one of them. Selfishness, dishonesty, arrogance and greed are things he trumps. And things which in my eyes at least define him.

    1. It's such a petty cheap shot, well beneath someone who is supposed to be a respected news anchor. I'd expect a crack like that from Andrew Dice Clay, not from a supposed professional reporter.


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