Saturday, November 21, 2020

Tell Me


Free use image by ijmaki on Pixabay

tell me just what you think I have to do
to be worthy of being treated well
to receive at least common decency
rather than disdainful, insulting slurs

tell me how perfect you think I must be
before I am immune to hateful words
what I would have to become isn't real
what gives you the right to spew such venom?

tell me where you learned to hate so deep
was it from society or parents?
you think you're cool whenever you're cruel
cut out your own heart with each hateful word


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  1. I wish I knew. How I wish I knew. I suspect the cost that these people would levy to mean I was free from the hate and the slurs is higher than I am prepared to pay. I suspect it is higher than I CAN pay.

    1. I think the goalposts keep moving with it. People used to make racist slurs without a second thought. Then racism became socially unacceptable, but homophobic slurs were still okay. With overt homophobia now being frowned upon, the two classes that remain fair game are fat people and people with mental illness.
      Sadly, there are a lot of people who would prefer having a scapegoat to addressing the aspects of themselves and their own lives that they are unhappy with.

  2. Yeah, it isn't a goal you can meet because the demands come from damaged people. They seek to inflict pain to lessen their own. It doesn't work any which way.

    1. It's the playground bullies who never left their bullying bullshit behind. Doesn't say much good about our society that people tend to encourage their behavior.


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