Monday, November 16, 2020

A Response


Image from Mindlovemisery's Sunday Writing Prompt

you ask, how are you coping?
and I say, well, hell
do you want me to be honest with you?
truth is, most people don't want the truth

they want to hear I'm doing fine
then they can go about their day
it's all a load of crap, you know
a lot of people aren't fine
but nobody really cares

that's why I never play along
with those games where you're supposed to repost
the well-meaning words claiming that someone's always there to care
but how am I supposed to believe that's true
when no-one ever even "likes" what I do?

these people on social media who cry the blues
whenever their post gets less than a hundred likes
make me laugh because mine don't even get one
fuck 'em all, I don't care anyway

so excuse me for being cynical
but I don't think that those of you posting that you care so much
really do in anything more than a vaguely caring for humanity sort of way
you really don't know me anyway

you ask me how are you coping?
the answer is, not well
but did you ask the welfare agencies for help?
you know...
the ones that really don't give a flying fuck about your welfare?

best you should die and decrease the surplus population
but we can't say that out loud
so let's post some more platitudes
about how someone's always there and always cares
except nobody really is

you ask me how I'm coping
now you know
I'm f.i.n.e.

fucked up
not okay

I'm about done
just want to call it quits
but there's still a long road ahead
dragging the corpse of my sense of adventure
along on my aching back


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  1. How are you? is a common question. Sadly you are right and most people don't care or want to hear an honest answer.
    If I am being truthful (and I rarely am in response to this question) muddling along is the very best I can do.
    And I am/you are NOT alone.

    1. You're that rare breed of person who actually does care, and I appreciate it more than I can say.
      I care, but I have serious compassion fatigue and it's hard for me to open up. There is a handful of people that I feel connected to at all.


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