Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Food Bank Feast


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eighteen-pound turkey
courtesy of the food bank
leftovers for days


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Every third Sunday, there is a food bank at the church in the little town where I live. There are two households in my house. My son and I make up one household and our unrelated housemate makes up the other. As Thanksgiving is coming up, each household got a turkey.

A giant turkey.

An eighteen-pound turkey.

I will be slow-roasting one of the turkeys all day and overnight starting at about noon tomorrow. Then early Thursday morning, my son and I will make the approximately 125-mile drive to my mother’s house. We will have a Thanksgiving lunch, and then my son and I will head home with a butt-ton of leftover turkey.

The food bank is a wonderful resource. I’ve heard people tell bad stories about food bank volunteers. One of my neighbors in the mobile home park where I used to live said that when she went to the food bank, one of the volunteers said to her: “why do you need to come here when you drive a car like that?”

She had a new car because her mother had given it to her.

The food bank where I live does not ask for proof of income. The food is surplus donated by grocery stores. It would be thrown out if it wasn’t given to people.

Today is Tuesday.

I went to the psychological evaluation part of my disability determination process.

I’ve been accused of being a space cadet, but it’s pretty certain that I don’t have dementia.

I do have depression and anxiety. I’ve had those pretty much my entire life. However, the reason I applied for disability is more because of my physical malfunctions than my psychological aberrations.

I have a lawyer, so I hope that will work in my favor. Because I’ve spent almost everything and am now worried about paying next month’s bills.

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Thanks for reading.

Have a happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate such.

If you don’t, have a good day either way.

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  1. I really, really hope you get your disability payments. It would have to relieve at least one aspect of the anxiety which plagues you.
    The lawyer (sadly) is an excellent idea.
    Good luck.
    I really don't envy you the drive to your mother's. A trip like that would have me knackered for days - even without the emotional component.
    I hope your Thanksgiving is as good as it could be - and better than you expect.

  2. We got just the turkey breast part and we'll be having turkey sandwiches all weekend.


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