Tuesday, April 28, 2020

the canopy bed

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in                                                        my                                    childhoood
room                                           there was a                                canopy bed
and I  dreamed many big dreams of many big things, believing that one day
they  would all come true, but in reality, big dreams lead to massive crashes
my dreams                                                                                     my hopes
came crashing                                                                              down hard
nobody heard                                                                              the sound of
my defeat                                                                                        except me
nobody gave                                                                                a flying damn
I was just                                                                                      a stupid girl
being a massive                                                                            drama queen
one day the                                                                                  canopy was
taken down                                                                                    and it was
never put                                                                                          back up
the little girl with a head full of dreams too massive for this world was dead
I buried her but the dreams continued to haunt me as I tried hard to conform
to a world that wasn't made for, that was filled with disdain for the likes of me
I no longer have a pretty canopy bed upon which to lay my ugly head, I said
to dream that I will wake up pretty and be the toast of the city, it's time to let
those dreams                                                                                  fall dead
don't look                                                                                       back now
your hope                                                                                      died somehow
it was                                                                                             too big
for this                                                                                            little world
now bury                                                                                        your dreams
and step                                                                                          in time
it's time                                                                                          to conform
you foolish                                                                                     little girl

I'm not sure this looks like a canopy bed. I tried. I am dreadful at making shape poems.

I biffed the prompts yesterday (I did the "change" poem two days in a row), so today I'm doing two April PAD challenge prompts: massive and don't look back. The NaPoWriMo prompt was to describe a bedroom from my past.

And now for the inevitable blah-blah.

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  1. Never conform. There is no happiness (none, nada, zip, zilch) into trying to squeeze yourself into the corset of other people's expectations.

  2. It looks like a canopy bed in my email. I always wanted a canopy bed. Never had one. I thought it would be the height of romanticism.


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