Thursday, April 30, 2020

Sijo: Total Heartbreak

Haiga copyright Cara Hartley 2017

Knowing that I will never see my feline friends again
I feel a total heartbreak that some cannot understand
If they could only know the home I have found here without them


NaPoWriMo: write a poem about a pet

April PAD Challenge: write a "total (blank)" poem

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  1. Oh yes.
    There are cats who have been gone for decades - and I still ache for them and weep for them. I suspect I always will.

    1. Same. I remember my beautiful long-haired Siamese cat, Lady Harriet, who has been dead for close to 30 years. There was so much strife in my life at the time she died that I just closed off and never shed a tear. She adored me and I wish I had one more minute so I could tell her how much she meant to me.


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