Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Review Tuesday: The Unicorn in You Book Review


As someone who has consumed numerous self-help books in my nearly six decades on this planet and found little in the way of help from any of them, I was interested in reviewing this book. If you are a doer, like me, you may think that a book containing the phrase "being rather than doing" is really not a book for you. I certainly have trouble just being. 

Before becoming disabled, I was a workaholic. I needed to justify my existence by constantly doing. It took a couple of years to break free of the thought that since I could no longer work I was now worthless, a drain on society, a useless machine that should be relegated to the scrap heap.

The fact is, I'm still very much a doer. I don't feel right if I'm not working on something. That being said, readers may guess that I am going to tell them that this is the wrong book for someone like me. However, I'm not going to say that.

This is the wrong book for finding exercises to help me self-analyze, to understand why I am the way I am and why I think the way I do. However, it is the right book to help me break away from ideas such as "if I'm not constantly working on a project, I'm worthless," "if I'm not making vast quantities of money, I'm worthless," or "if I'm not working at a regular job, I'm worthless." It is a peaceful book reminding readers to approach the world with compassion. 

Since we are part of the world, this includes ourselves. I find it very difficult to be compassionate with myself. This book may not contain the breakthrough answer that suddenly helps me relate to myself in a more benevolent fashion or understand exactly why things are the way they are, but it reminds me to at least try. That's all that anyone can do. 

I rate The Unicorn in You five out of five stars and suggest that you give it a read, even if you are a Dedicated Doer Diligently Doing Deeds, as I am.

Check out The Unicorn in You on Amazon.

I originally wrote this review for the author's book tour with Silver Dagger Tours and posted it on Readers Roost on 1 March 2022. 

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