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Where It's At Wednesday: The Continuing Journey #MFRWAuthor


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Today's question from 52 Weeks of Writing is:

Did you achieve any goals not on last week's list? If yes, write them down here.

Why yes, in fact I did. I discovered the Submission Grinder, and I submitted a 1000-word prose poem to the Syncopation Journal. Here's the link in case you'd like to see about submitting work to them too. It's a non-paying publication, but it is exposure for your work and there's no submission fee.

Here's the link to the handy Submission Grinder. I tracked my entry to the Syncopation Journal on my dashboard. The service is free. If you like it and can afford to do so, drop them a donation.

I also discovered The Temz Review and am creating a collection of 10 poems to submit to them over the next 10 days. I used prompts from Writers Digest and Eugi's Causerie to create today's poem entitled Survival.

And now, today's Deep Thoughts.

Sometimes the daily journey looks very much the same, except there always seems to be something coming out of left field. It's pretty exciting when that Something looks like a pair of hip angels or friendly aliens coming to tell me that one of my pieces was accepted or that there is a sudden surge of sales for one of my books. However, we all know that isn't usually the case.

Usually, the thing coming out of left field isn't awful, it's just annoying. It's something along the lines of having to drive 60 miles to go get quarterly labs drawn and having to drink enough to float a fleet of battleships so they even have a chance of finding my shitty veins without leaving me looking like I was the loser in a barroom brawl. 

I try to bundle annoyances, so I'll go pick up my thyroid medication and grab a few things at Wal Fart and maybe a pizza from Costco on the way home depending on how I feel. 

I found this humorous meme that I'd like to share.

I would ask people to remember that solidarity with Ukraine doesn't mean hatred for the Russian citizenry, which includes vulnerable populations such as disabled people, the elderly, infants and children. Women become more vulnerable to domestic abuse and sexual assault during wartime.

I am supporting the International Committee of the Red Cross this Charity Sunday. Follow the link to read my post. I will donate a dollar for every comment I receive on the post, rounding up to the closest number divisible by 5. So if I receive 8 comments on the post, I will donate $10 or more.

My writing work has been a bit sporadic this week. I'm on my second month of reading Adrift for the Online Book Club. It's a good book but a long one. I've got a volunteer review due on the 17th. 

One place where I'm still allowing myself to become overwhelmed is with book promotions and reviews. I hope that nobody takes the fact that I'm going to reduce the number of these that I'm doing personally. I need to take care of myself.

Part of the problem is I really want to help my fellow authors promote your work. So many of you have written such amazing stories. I wish I could read every one of them. 

My heart is feeling squashed right now. I remember having nightmares when my son was little about running from assailants with him in my arms. That such terror has been real for many mothers saddens me to the core. That it will continue to be real for mothers because there will always be wicked megalomaniacs who care nothing for the most vulnerable lives enrages me.

I know I'm not the best writer in the world by a long shot. I know that much of what I write is probably schlock. But if that schlock lets someone forget about their pain for a while, then I've done what I set out to do and I'm proud of that. To paraphrase Stephen King, most of what I write is salami. I try to make sure that it's good salami, but in the end, salami is salami.

I happen to like salami, so let's wrap this up by raising a glass and toasting salami.

Here's to more salami!

Spirit of the Universe, remind me that it really doesn't matter if my writing is a critical failure. If my work brings joy in any way to a struggling world, that is real success. Please help me strive to make my words have the greatest impact they can, even if that impact is simply making someone forget their pain for a moment. Amen.

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Here is the link in case you can't see the player.

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

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