Thursday, March 10, 2022

Make It Happen Thursday: Taking Stock in the Pressure Cooker


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My accomplishments for the week:
I am currently working on a selection of 8 poems to submit for consideration to The Temz Review. If anyone else is interested in submitting work to them, here is the link.

I will probably collect the poems I create for the April PAD Challenge/NaPoWriMo into a chapbook to submit to The Temz Review. This means that I will be publishing none of these poems on the Poetry of the Netherworld blog. 

I would like to give shout-outs to each of the sites whose prompts helped me create today's alphabet poem for my aforementioned WIP. Give them a visit!

I've been consistent with working on this project and I submitted a 1000-word prose poem to the Syncopation Journal. So I have been successful on the poetry front. My other projects, not so much.

Today's question from 52 Weeks of Writing is:

Did you expect too little of yourself, too much, or was your goal just right?

Ah, you know, I totally cut myself some slack and have been chillin' like Goldilocks eating just-right porridge in a just-right cozy bed all week. No worries!

Ornery, stop lying, you say. 

Right, you caught me.

I totally expected too much of myself like I always do.

The second question is:

If you didn't reach your goal(s), what could you do next week to make sure you do?

I'm going to keep rolling with the Submission Grinder to find places to submit my work. Fortunately, I won't have a stupid blood draw hanging over my head for a while. That crap will be done tomorrow along with a few errands. While some of you may wonder why a blood draw is such a big deal, it's because I live in a remote rural area and have to drive 60 miles to get it done, and my veins are a complete trash fire. Not my idea of a good time.

Regarding my independent, self-published work, I just need to do my best to stick to my schedule.

I've already got myself scheduled for book promos and reviews at Readers Roost, and I need to scale way back on those. It's always exciting to sign up for them so I overdo it. I need to put myself in check.

Third question:
What have you learned about yourself and/or your writing over the past week?

I have learned that I am still discovering new ways of doing things after operating with a stressful and ineffective mindset that became ingrained decades ago. The definition of crazy is doing the same thing that hasn't worked in the past and expecting it to work this time. I'm trying to cut loose from the crazy. 

Learning to be driven by genuine inspiration rather than by anxiety and fear of failure is not as easy as it sounds but I think I am finally making some headway.

A big thanks to Eugenia at Go Dog Go Cafe for hosting today's blog hop.

Spirit of the Universe, please help me be patient with myself and to realize that no matter how small an accomplishment may seem, it is a step in the right direction. 

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~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

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  1. Wow, this is a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing links to those who host prompts. And thank you for contributing to Go Dog Go Cafe - Make it Happen Thursday.


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