Thursday, February 24, 2022

Make It Happen Thursday: How Writing Prompts Help Me Create


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I wrote this post for Make It Happen Thursday at Go Dog Go Cafe.

My shout-out is for Ingrid Wilson of Earthweal for her thoughtful poetics and prompts. 

The problem with creating poetry or stories for publication with anyone but Naughty Netherworld Press is that most of the time it needs to be previously unpublished, and that includes on a personal blog. This leads me to my thoughts for breaking out of writer's block.

If it wasn't for writing prompts, I might get nothing written. Writing prompts help me focus my wandering thoughts. I like to acknowledge the prompt's creator even when I can't immediately share what the prompt inspired.

Recent events have reminded me that writing poetry before I work on anything else helps me calm my mind and focus. But before even writing poetry, I like to look at my planner to remind me of what the day's focus will be. Currently, my everyday planner looks like this:

Week At A Glance

My World Monday + Promote Yourself Monday

Rhyme Time Tuesday (doesn’t have to rhyme) + Review It Tuesday

Tuesday Events: MFRW Steam is the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Wednesday Edits

Wednesday Events: IWSG is 1st Wednesday of the month, MFRW Retweet Day is 2nd Wednesday.

Take a Chance Thursday/Make It Happen Thursday (pieces for submission, review the current week’s progress, and plan for next week. Visit Go Dog Go Café to participate in Make It Happen Thursday.) Thirsty Thursday for self-promo. MFRW Book Retweet Day is the 3rd Thursday of every month.

Flash Fiction Friday, Fanfic Friday

Sexy Saturday (erotica series) + Shameless self-Promo Saturday (submit my work to promo sites i.e. Awesome Gang.) + Social Media Saturday.

Change the World Sunday (poetry, pictures, and politics) + Sunday Dinner at the Grover Hotel.

Do ONE Book Hooks, ONE Rainbow Snippets, ONE Snippet Sunday, and ONE Weekend Writing Warriors every month. More than that is overwhelming.

Book Hooks: Week 1

MFRW Steam + Rainbow Snippets: Week 2

Snippet Sunday: Week 3

Weekend Writing Warriors: Week 4

 After decades of anxiety and self-retribution, I'm still learning to work with my unruly brain. It helps to understand some of the common features of ADHD, but my experiences are unique. I hope that perhaps some of my discoveries will help others avoid a lifetime of abuse and low self-esteem. 

I deliberately kept this post less sweary than is usual for this blog. I welcome return visits with the caveat that this is an uncensored space. The things I discuss may not be pretty and I tend to be quite liberal with expletives. 

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

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  1. I find writing prompts a great help in sparking my creative senses. In fact, I run a weekly prompt on Tuesdays. Not only is it interesting to read the various interpretations of the prompt but it is also a great way to get to meet others in the blogging community.


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