Saturday, July 13, 2019

SHE - Brown Eyes

A cute song with an adorable love story portrayed in the video, and it's kind of sad how happy and relieved I am that these beautiful young people get to look and act like teenagers. They aren't being sexualized. They aren't wearing skimpy outfits. 
Yes, I sound like someone's mother. I AM someone's mother. Granted, I am a 29-year-old man's mother. 
I also think it's sad that I was relieved at not having to raise a daughter. Boys don't tend to be sexually objectified the way girls do, and sometimes girls fall into the trap of thinking that objectification is flattering. I know I did.
While both boys and girls can suffer from eating disorders and end up hating bodies which don't adhere to rigid standards of perfection, the standards for girls are even tougher. Boys are expected to have ripped abs and muscular arms and legs. Girls are expected to have permanently perky breasts, tiny waists, a flat abdomen, and a rear end that is neither flat nor "too big" as well as long smooth legs with no cellulite. 
I want a world where it isn't cool to make mean comments about someone else's appearance, where bullying isn't acceptable.
I want a world where kids are allowed to be kids.
I want a world where people of all body types are welcomed.
I will keep fighting for that world, regardless of how many people tell me I'm being "unrealistic." 
I will keep fighting for that world because I don't want to see any more young people hating their bodies, starving themselves, or feeling pushed to act sexy.
I want a world where every young person gets to experience their own happy story.


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