Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Carpe Diem Summer Challenge 2019 + Tuesday Platform: Coming Full Circle: Not Your Summer Tryst Under the Big Moon

no summer love here
hope for a rainstorm to come
far from any beach

on a faraway seashore
as the children gather shells
couple making love

I want a garden
perhaps a small waterfall
spilling over stones

don't want a French kiss
I take tea with sunflower
won't lurk in shadow


I've never been keen for flings and I don't like being anyone's dirty little secret. Finding a summer love never appealed to me, and I've only been to the beach once in my life. I'd much rather spend my time on mundane activities such as gardening than engaging in an ill-advised mating dance which will only end in heartbreak for me. 
Frankly, in many ways, I'm quite content not to be young anymore. I only wish I had the strength and endurance of my youth. The impulsiveness, stupidity, and desperate lovesick puppy behavior is more than welcome to remain in the past.

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