Monday, July 29, 2019

About Me Monday: My Tattoos and Piercings

This one honors my daily life fighting with a brain and past experiences that want me dead

This is originally a response to a post by Carrie-Anne Brown about realistically writing tattoos and piercings for characters.

I pierced my own earlobes with a needle sterilized in alcohol when I was eighteen. I have two piercings in the left lobe and one in the right. I thought I was being really edgy. These days, nobody notices pinpoint piercings like I have. Of course, these days I could care less.
I have seven tattoos, one on my left outer calf, one on my right inner calf, one on either deltoid, one on either shoulder (back), and one on my left front shoulder. The one on the left front shoulder is to honor my own struggles with mental illness. The others are to honor people and animals that have special meaning to me, some of whom are dead.
I would like more tattoos but have absolutely no interest in getting more piercings.


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