Friday, July 12, 2019

Fat Friday #8: The Unflattering Language of Plus-Size Clothing Sellers

I almost wasn't sure to publish this as a FOAD Thursday or a Fat Friday. Because fuck your shitty way of talking down to fat people, plus-size clothing sellers.

*"Boost your confidence with these outfits.
And why do you think I need my confidence boosted, Asshole? 
Right--because I'm fat.
Being fat is actually a neutral thing. However, fat people are berated from day one into having low self-esteem, and rather than being seen as shitty, bullying behavior, we are told that being talked down to and concern trolled is for our "own good."
Fuck that shit, and fuck off with it right now.

Fuck off with your "flattering" bullshit. By "flattering," you mean "you will appear to be less fat and repulsive if you wear this." By "flattering" you mean "slimming."
Fuck flattering.

*"Tummy Control"
Thank you for talking to me as if I was three years old, Dickface.
Please take your "tummy control" and stick it where the sun don't shine.
The only "tummy control" I care about is my digestion. When my digestion is off, I don't feel good.
My abdomen has a roll. Period. I'm not going to stuff it into something resembling a sausage casing to "control" it.

You know, I was simply looking for a fucking pair of pants that would be comfortable and not cost me an arm and a leg. I really wasn't looking to be patronized and reminded that society thinks that I should be thin or dead and really doesn't care which.
Fuck you.

Thankfully, I discovered the Ulla Popken website, which, thus far, has not used any patronizing descriptions for their clothing.

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