Monday, October 8, 2018

OctPoWriMo 2018: Day 9: Not a Damn Rom-Com

Image copyright Ronnie Chua

The train to Infatuation Junction
Leads to dysfunction
Ends in malfunction
Of those damn fool dreams you hold dear

So you think you want romance?
I say no damn chance
I never again want to dance
To the symphony of destruction

You say you want some affection? 
Well take up a collection
And walk in the direction
Of the nearest kissing booth

It's hard to even trust friendship
When everything's a dead-end ship
I don't want to take another trip
Down to Heartbreak Hotel

You promise endless devotion
But I'll need calamine lotion
Because all the commotion
Of our breakup
Will make me break out
In hives

You say you'll cherish me forever
That you'll leave me never
But in the end you'll just sever
The last trust from my heart

Love does not bring delight
Only fight after fight
And long lonely nights
I'm better off alone

I came to dwell
In Indifference Dell
After being plunged into hell
One too many damn times

Too many damn cheating men
Live in Infidelity Glen
I won't go there again
I will stay well away

I was not born, you see
With impartiality
Or a spirit so free
It can find fun on the run

Too many cold-hearted souls
Have left my heart full of holes
I don't want to play the role
Of the one cast aside

A role I've played many times over
So when you promise green clover
I say: "Begone, fickle rover"
Because I smell manure

Been there done that time and again
Been betrayed time and time again
Been pushed aside time and again
It's time to say never again


This one turned out more badass than brimful of regret, which I think is pretty damn cool. 
Fair warning that few things piss me off more than people advising me, however well-meaning the advice may be, to "not give up on love" and "give it another chance." It is absolutely, positively not something I want to pursue, so, please, just don't. 
To me, such advice is akin to saying: "well, maybe if you stick your arm in that meat grinder again, it will be nice and not shred your stump like it did your hand. You can't stop trying just because you got hurt a whole fucking lot of times in the past when you stuck your hand in the meat grinder."
Can and have. It's my life, not a rom-com. I'm never so miserable as when I have some sort of romantic entanglement. Been there, done that, never want to go back again.

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