Monday, October 1, 2018

OctPoWriMo 2018: Day 1: No Airy Fairy

Image copyright Morgan Dragonwillow

Self-love is not a concept
That comes easily to me
I can do self-respect
But I know all too well
The errors in judgment
Of my past self
And the people she hurt
Thus, it is impossible to love this me
Although I am not she

I am not likely to be open
To be overly friendly
To wear my heart upon my sleeve
People accuse me of being shallow
Because I am not open with my emotions
In truth, I feel things deeply
I just don’t project
Because I need to protect
A deeply wounded soul

Self-respect is a rose
Not because it is pretty
But because the thorns provide an armor
For a wounded heart
Because I am not sugar and spice
Some people think me bitter
For trying to protect
A soul betrayed too many times
I can't concern myself too much with what some people think

~Cie ~

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