Sunday, October 20, 2019

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #107: Soliloquy No Renga: One Starry Night

one starry night
to make that one painting -
the rustling leaves
as summer draws to a close
and the green leaves turn to gold

on one starry night
so many years in the past
years rushed by so fast
a foolish girl made a wish
that could never come to pass

she would never be
Venus Anadyomene
more Pickman's model
never seen through eyes of love
always used and tossed aside

the rustling of leaves
as they crunch beneath the shoes
of a broken crone
step hobbled and hair of gray
dead dreams lie within her heart

summer draws to close
life's flame is growing dimmer
she hides in the dark
tortured by the memory
of a girl who wanted more

green leaves turn to gold
golden strands of hair to gray
no matter the shade
she was never beautiful
her heart is cold as winter

~Chèvrefeuille & Cie~

The first Hokku was created by Chèvrefeuille. The rest of this mess you can blame on me.
Shout-outs to Sandro Botticelli and H.P. Lovecraft. Can you spot their influence?

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