Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Stories From A Starry Sky: Weekend Writing Warriors: Snow Angel

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I really enjoyed the snippet. I worked with the elderly for a significant percentage of my working life, about 25 years. I sometimes wonder if it isn't harder to be a person whose mind is still all there but whose body is betraying them.

Taking it slow after a heart attack is the right thing to do. 

I'm still working on editing The Wizard's Key. Which I totally didn't finish two years ago. Nope, I just finished it yesterday! I promise. ;-)


  1. I have no idea whether it is harder to live with a body which is betraying its owner - or a mind. Perhaps the body, because when the mind finally goes it is gone. Both terrify me.

    1. Same. I have a body that's betraying me bit by bit, but I'm still able to handle all my own self-care, i.e. when my body suddenly decides to unleash every bit of urine in my bladder, I can clean up the result. I would find the idea of having other people do everything for me intolerable.
      I find the idea of enduring dementia intolerable. I once stated that if I learned I had dementia, I would take myself out before it got too bad. Someone said "but surely your son would still love you and take care of you." Yes, but he shouldn't have to. I also fear the thought that the disease process would turn me mean as it seems to do with so many people.


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