Monday, July 4, 2022

Aurora Springer: A wild look - excerpt from Stung by the Cobra for ...

Aurora Springer: A wild look - excerpt from Stung by the Cobra for ...:   Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday . Sample the work of a new author. Read snippets of stories in different genres. ...

A compelling scenario. I have always found that the kind of men who harass women aren't particularly choosy about looks. I've never been any raving beauty, but have endured my fair share of harassment. Now that I'm over 50 (closing in on 60) and therefore invisible, such harassment is, fortunately, rare, but it still happens on occasion. As a resident at the retirement community where I used to work once asked, can't these damn men leave an old woman alone?


  1. Hooray. Today I am allowed to comment on your site. And no, they don't seem to be fussy. Indeed I believe that many of them think we should be flattered by the attention. I am not.

    1. My late maternal grandmother was in her late 60s and went on a date with a fellow in the same age range. She made him dinner and then they sat down to watch TV. She said the next thing she knew; he was trying to get his hand under her shirt. She slapped his hand away and said, "Judas Priest, you old fool, don't you damn men ever think about anything else?" Suffice it to say, she never went out with him again.


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