Thursday, July 7, 2022

Make it Happen Thursday: Organizized

I doubt I will ever be fully organizized, but I keep trying. Here is this month's schedule:

Writing Schedule for July 2022

Sunday Selections (Photography)/Poetry Sunday

(Finish and send off entries for Lincoln Poetry Contest)

Mental Health Monday (Encouragement Project)

Tasty Tuesday (Cooking with Ornery Owl), Watkins promotion

WIP Wednesday (Naughty Netherworld Press stories)

Work on editing/formatting The Wizard's Key

Make It Happen Thursday/Blog Hop Thursday/Wordy Thursday (Weekly roundup, editing, reviews)

Make blog posts for the month.

Seek My Fortune Friday (Work on stories for publication elsewhere)/Fanfiction Friday

For July: The First Line autumn entry (Lily)

The First Line Nonfiction: Write a 500 – 800 word essay about the first line from a favorite literary work.

Blog hops: First Line Friday/Friday 56

Not sure I'm going to bother with the fiction entry for The First Line. They've rejected both of my previous fiction submissions. I'm getting this hunch that I'm not their cup of tea.

Sexy Saturday (Erotica stories)/Shameless Self-Promo Saturday

For July: Naughty November story for Cobblestone Press

Do Triberr tweet queue

Specific Events

Release the Beast July 15

Send out the newsletter.

And now, it's question time.

What would I really like to be working on?

All Tales from the Dreamlands/Cthulhu Mythos/Fetchiverse all the time.

But, guess what.

That’s not commercially viable.

I really want to go out and kill everyone who has it all together and put their heads on posts in front of my house to warn all those other well-organized and successful jerkfaces to beware.

Before anyone thinks they have to call the police or animal control to restrain an ax-murdering round owl, slow your roll. I am being hyperbolic. I’m not actually a murderous psychopath, plus I'm too lazy to bother hunting people down and killing them. I’m just aggravated because it seems that all I ever do is struggle while some people have wonderful things throwing themselves at their feet.

Ah well, on we go. 

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

Free use image from Open Clipart Vectors

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