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Where It's At Wednesday: Little Bites with Sensible Bunny


Greetings to my -666 fans! Meet Sensible Bunny, the newest member of the Crazy Creatives Cheerleading Camp.

Sensible Bunny takes little bites of both food and her to-do list because she doesn't like to choke on her food and she doesn't like to become overwhelmed by work, even when it's working towards a creative goal.

Sensible Bunny and I created a new daily planner for me. Today's task from 52 Weeks of Writing was to break my goals down further. Since I have a lot of goals, I've broken them down over the course of the week. The new planner looks a little bit something like this:

Week At A Glance

My World Monday

Rhyme Time Tuesday (doesn’t have to rhyme) + Review It Tuesday

Wednesday Edits

Take a Chance Thursday/Make It Happen Thursday (pieces for submission, review the current week’s progress, and plan for next week. Visit Go Dog Go Café to participate in Make It Happen Thursday.)

Flash Fiction Friday, Fanfic Friday

Sexy Saturday (erotica series)

Change the World Sunday (poetry, pictures, and politics) + Sunday Dinner at the Grover Hotel

This doesn't mean that I can't work on other projects on specified days. What it means is that since I have a lot of goals, I now have a day where I bring each one into focus. For instance, on My World Monday, I focus on my serials from my Universe (including certain borrowed characters.) The Mighty Adventures of Nyarlathotep and Yadira. The Perils of Gerry and Pepper. The Madcap Adventures of the Dreamlands Brotherhood. And so on.  

I've got a lot of 'em. I wish I'd thought of them twenty-five years ago. I will never finish this interconnected set of serials. They will continue on and on until the day that something stops working in this old body. Perhaps if the soul reincarnates, I will continue working on them in another life. Or perhaps I will instead run screaming away across the fields upon seeing one of my books and decide to work on something--anything--other than writing.

I have thus revealed that I believe reincarnation is a possibility. Or I hope it's a possibility. Or I'm a fatalist and suppose that it's probably what happens because I can't imagine the grind not continuing. The wheels of the gods grind slow but they grind exceeding fine and all that sort of thing.

I'm not here to convince anyone else to believe as I do or even suppose as I do, so I would appreciate if you do not presume it's your place to browbeat me into believing as you do, whether you believe that I'm going to hell for not being a devout fundamentalist Christian or whether you believe I'm stupid for postulating that reincarnation is a possibility. I'm not here to argue about theology. I'm simply expressing my thoughts on the matter. 

That being said, I like this simplified and catchy system, and if it helps me to imagine a friendly cartoon rabbit reminding me to implement it, that too is my business.

I've never understood why some people get so snifty about adults liking cartoons. I'm not saying that you have to like cartoons. Don't tell me I can't like them. It doesn't make a person more or less mature to like or not like cartoons. I find a character like Sensible Bunny appealing and comforting. Sensible Bunny would never berate or scold me the way my inner critic does. 

A person who does not have a history of being emotionally abused probably doesn't need a friendly cartoon support animal. This doesn't make the person who benefits from such a concept less worthy of respect or more deserving of ridicule. The people who think it does need to take a hard look at themselves and ask themselves why they see the need to be so mean-spirited to make themselves feel superior.

I have remembered that I always found writing poetry before I write anything else calming. I've done this over the past couple of days. I do not put any restrictions on my expression. It doesn't need to be the best poem in the world. I often confine myself to short forms because I have a tendency to run on otherwise. 

You know, ProWritingAid, some adjectives and adverbs are necessary. I don't ALWAYS confine myself to short poetry forms but I generally do. I changed the word to "often" instead, but fuck's sake. Sometimes these damn grammar checkers are irritating as fuck. 


Writing prompts are useful tools to prevent my mind from running amok. I haven't been able to share my recent creations with the writing prompt hosts because I am planning to submit the poems created over the next few days to Humana Obscura. Since I want to thank the prompt hosts for their help and want to let other writers know about the opportunity for publication, I leave a comment doing just that.

In fact, here you go. Don't say I never gave you anything.
It is freeze-your-tender-parts-off cold today. Our furnace runs on propane. Propane prices per gallon mirror gas (petrol) prices. We have a 1000-gallon tank. The propane company divides our fills into equal monthly payments rather than insisting on the entire payment up-front. Nonetheless, it's expensive. This month's bill was $225. 

The stove, water heater, washer, and dryer are all-electric. This month's bill was around $225, which is better than it was the first year we were here but still a big chunk of change for people living only on my $1240 per month disability check. It's actually $1380 per month but fucking United Healthcare takes away $140 of that for Medicare. Anything over $1308 means you're living too high on the hog, you disabled piece of shit. 

If you think I'm bitter about this Draconian system that comes nowhere close to covering the cost of living, I am. I speak not only for me but for those who have it worse than me. 

LEAP (Low-Income Energy Assistance Program) will give AmeriGas (the propane company) $500 sometime in the next couple of months. I don't know exactly when. They do it when they do it. It helps, but I'm pissed off because they gave us $1000 last time and only $500 this time. I suppose they don't have the funding to give as much. They rely on donations. 

Imagine that, a program that the government should run has to rely on donations so people don't freeze to death. Fucking hell. If anyone asks me why I'm a socialist regarding welfare programs, issues like this are why. 

I suppose I've gone on long enough. I'll probably pick this up again tomorrow, but as a wise man once said, tomorrow never knows.

I'm concerned about my only two friends. I've not heard much from either of them in quite a spell. I always worry that I've made people angry, but I suspect they aren't doing well. 

Spirit of the Universe, help me keep taking things one day at a time. Please help me remember that I don't need to measure up to anyone else's standards and please help me to be realistic in my standards for myself. I want to be challenged but not overwhelmed. Perhaps it will sound trite and unsophisticated, but let me know you are there and that you care. I often act like I'm an island, but I'm a lonelier island than I like to admit. Amen.

Ornery Owl is thanking Sensible Bunny for her assistance.

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