Wednesday, March 27, 2019

My Body is not a "Defense" Against Men Finding Me Attractive

This is my response to a post on The Mighty regarding behaviors in people who have been sexually assaulted.
It has long been postulated that women who have been sexually assaulted gain weight as a defense so that men won't find them attractive. I used to subscribe to this disgusting notion myself. I certainly no longer do.
I prefer to sleep in a confined space such as a couch or a single bed which is up against the wall. Also, I don't like to be touched. I don't think about what happened much, but it is always there.
Also, I feel the idea that a person gains weight to make themselves "unattractive" is offensive and outmoded. Fat =/= unattractive. Fat also =/= unhealthy. There are healthy and unhealthy people of all sizes.
I have a myriad of endocrine problems and it is doubtful that I will ever be thin unless I become catastrophically ill. I get extremely tired of the odious assumptions made about people with larger bodies. 
Regardless of my body size, I have worn baggy clothes since I was in my teens because I didn't like being ogled. I was wearing loose, baggy clothes every time I was assaulted, cat-called, or groped.
My body is not a "defense" against men finding me attractive.
My body is simply my body, whatever size it may be. 

Conclusion: I really give no fucks whether anyone finds me attractive or not. I have more pressing things to be concerned with than trying to win unofficial beauty contests every second of my life. I am not looking for "love" in all the wrong places or any other place either. I am not interested in a relationship, a one-night stand, or even flirting. 
If you find me attractive, well, whatever. I'm sorry, but I have nothing to offer you even if you think I'm the most gorgeous ham-planet to ever grace your planet. If you don't find me attractive, also fine. I really don't give a shit. Move along and find someone else to bother.
Judging other people's looks is so incredibly banal. Yes, we all have knee-jerk reactions, but why is it even accepted to bleat your odious observations to the world? My reactions to people's physical appearances are either I find them physically attractive or I find them neutral. There is no-one who is ugly on the outside. Only a person's behavior can mark them as ugly in my eyes.

As for the whole BUT TEH FAT IS UNHELTHEEEEEEEEE!!!!111!!! screed, bitch, please. It's never been about health, and you fucking know it. Take your concern trolling and stick it where the sun don't shine.


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