Tuesday, March 26, 2019

PTSD and Delayed Reactions to Trauma

Second Parkland school shooting survivor commits suicide

We don't take PTSD seriously enough. I will go for long periods of time where I don't consciously think about the things that have happened to me, and then they will hit me all at once. My reaction is usually not to be kind to myself, it is to become furiously enraged and want to destroy myself. This may not seem logical, but PTSD isn't logical.
Telling people to toughen up, to not be weak, to be a winner, not a loser does not help. There are a lot of people walking around with wounds you can't see. It's kind of like secondary drowning. A person may appear to have been salvaged, but, in fact, there is more trauma beneath the surface.
Much of the time I am stoic and am unable to cry even if I wanted to. Sometimes I find myself bursting into tears at what would seem to be nothing.
Reactions to trauma are not logical.
People who commit suicide are not "weak," "selfish," or "cowards."
They are the wounded souls whose despair overwhelmed them.


I don't take kindly to people who express the garbage opinion that suicide victims are "weak," "selfish," or "cowards." If you insist on subscribing to that opinion, I have something for you.

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  1. People have no idea how strong people who want to commit suicide are. It's not easy sticking around when you don't want to.


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