Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Denise Covey: #JuneWEP - my #flashfiction, ESCAPE FROM MARIUPOL

Denise Covey: #JuneWEP - my #flashfiction, ESCAPE FROM MARIUPOL: Hi there! Time for the June WEP contest. This prompt Please Read the Letter required no thought from me. I immediately imagined someone esca...

Excellent writing. There are no words I can say to do it justice.

I sometimes despair that I have to live on a disability allotment of $1240 and get most of my provisions from the food bank. There is very little left after the bills are paid. My son often reminds me that even though our situation is difficult, we are in a better position than many people, even in the United States.

(My son is high-functioning autistic and not able to hold a normal job. He isn't on disability because one of us has to be able to amass savings in case of an emergency. I cannot have more than $2000 in savings.)

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