Thursday, June 16, 2022

FOAD Thursday: Unfuckingbelievable


Image by John Hain from Pixabay

“You won’t live long looking so fat”

Ornery sez: I worked with the elderly for approximately 25 years. Fat people in their 80s and 90s are far from uncommon and are in no worse health than their thinner counterparts, apart from the headache of having to constantly endure fuckwits telling them they need to lose weight so they can live longer.

“Have you heard of something called a diet”

Ornery sez: I most certainly have. I went on plenty of them during the 33 years that I tried to hate myself thin. The starve-relapse-regain cycle is bad for every body. Only about 5 percent of dieters lose weight long-term. Most of us long-term dieters eventually end up unable to lose weight even on extremely low-calorie diets. Google The Biggest Loser Weight Regain and read about starvation syndrome.

“Stop blaming having a baby for being such a cow”

Ornery sez: Stop blaming the victim of your shitty behavior for you being such a fucking cunt. 

“You should be ashamed for raising a child to think being fat is okay”

Ornery sez: You should be ashamed for thinking that your hateful behavior is okay. I suppose I shouldn't make the assumption that you can think. 

“Do yourself a favor and skip eating for about a month”

Ornery sez: Do us all a favor and fuck off into a black hole.

“The world would be better without fat pigs like you”

Ornery sez: The world would definitely be better off without pieces of shit like you. Please find a nice highway where you can play with hand grenades and razor blades. The sooner the better.

“Fat people are so annoying with their self love BS so just stop”

Ornery sez: Twats who go around looking for people to bully are such pieces of crap, so just stop.

These are just a few of the things that some really shitty people think it's okay to say to a young woman who is just trying to encourage others.

If anyone reading this thinks it's okay to say any of these things to somebody just because they don't look like what you think they should look like, forget fucking off into the sea. You need to fuck off into the sun. Not the sunset, mind. The actual surface of the sun, and the sooner the better, because you are a genuinely shitty excuse for a human being. 

Even if you think that all fat people "brought it on themselves" by "being lazy" and "eating too much junk food."

Even if you think that all fat people are "super unhealthy" and "caused all their own health problems."

There is never, and I mean not ever, an excuse for being that shitty. 

Meg, the blogger who received that vitriol, is a very nice young woman. She's the mother of a toddler, and she takes time to encourage others so they might not have to struggle as hard as she has. She is a genuinely good person, unlike those people who have nothing better to do than say hurtful and awful things.

If anyone ever wonders why I'm such a grouchy-ass misanthrope, read those comments again.

The world is filled with shitty assholes like the people who made those comments.

Sometimes I'm full of piss and vinegar and am ready to take them all on.

Other times I just feel sad for everyone who has ever been on the receiving end of such ugliness. 

Anyone who promotes the idea that it's acceptable to shame larger people "for their own good" can fuck right off too.

As for people who talk about dieting all the time, you annoy me, but I mostly feel sorry for you because I used to be you. I don't want to waste another minute obsessing over calories or "good" foods and "bad foods." It pisses me off that I have to think about carbs as much as I do. If I didn't have a dead organ floating around in my body, I'd never count a solitary carb, calorie, fat gram, or whatever else again. 

I don't wish ill on those still in the thrall of diet culture, although I admit to wishing that they'd STFU.

As for the bullies, I've changed my mind about the sun. Y'all assholes can fuck off into an active volcano. It won't take as long to get there. Start your journey today.

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

It seems like a good time to share this again.

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