Saturday, October 23, 2021

Blow Your Stack Saturday: Con Men


Image by simona molino from Pixabay

A response to a smart bit of prose:

Peter is more clever than the would-be con man who tried to take advantage of my "desperation" back in 2006. The thing he didn't anticipate was the fact that my being middle-aged and fat didn't make me desperate. Having to deal with guys like him made me grouchy. Hopefully, everyone he targeted gave him a similarly cool reception.

Seriously, this guy was as stupid as a box of rocks. He was obviously looking for a green card and he thought referring to me using terms such as "sexy angel" and telling me that he fell in love with me on first sight would do it. Who could have anticipated me telling him to go fuck himself when he also inquired if I was "lazy" because I bemoaned not enjoying housework. 

Even if he hadn't added the "lazy" bit, I still would have blocked him. He was a nuisance.

~Old Fat Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

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  1. My older grumpier self would have blocked him. My younger more hopeful and gullible self may not have.

    1. Same. When I was in my teens or twenties, this asswipe might have gotten to me. Sad to say.


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