Friday, July 9, 2021

Fat Friday 9 July 2021: Viewing Eating and Exercise in Terms of "Success" or "Failure"


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This is a response to the following post. The author of the post stated that she had "failed" at her fitness goals.

I always advise people that seeing exercise in terms of "success" or "failure" is unhelpful and can lead to stopping exercise altogether. 

I often have difficulty making myself go for walks because even though I kicked diet culture to the curb 11 years ago, I still struggle with the mentality that if it doesn't make me lose weight, I'm a "failure." 

With my endocrine problems, I will never lose weight unless I become seriously ill. I honestly think that (weight loss) should never be the goal. 

I still struggle with my abusive life partner ED (stands for Eating Disorder) and I am formerly orthorexic. Diet culture has taught us toxic ways of viewing eating and exercise. 

Did you exercise? Good! Did you not exercise? Fine. Tomorrow is another day.

(Staggers broken body in a wobbly fashion from the soapbox.) 

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

Fat and Ornery
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  1. I fail at enough things already without adding more to the list.


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