Monday, April 12, 2021

Cressida de Nova: National Poetry Writing Month

Cressida de Nova: National Poetry Writing Month:       Day 8 Weekly Scribbles 64 my refuge my pink queen size bed so cosy so secure my place to hide from the world to find peace and sleep ...

I mostly sleep on my left side. It might have something to do with the sciatica on the right side. 

I don't like sleeping on my back as I tend to be more vulnerable to sleep paralysis in that position. 

My bed is an old, dilapidated couch that sags in the middle. I still like it better than most people.


  1. I also sleep on my left side. Almost exclusively. I go to sleep in that position and wake there too.
    And yes, I can well understand a bed being much more important and supportive than people...

    1. I occasionally move onto my right side, but mostly remain on the left. I've also been known to fall asleep in a seated position. Frequently.


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