Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Guerrero Words: Ungrateful A-holes

Guerrero Words: Ungrateful A-holes: I stood in line in front of the hospital, doing my best to stay six feet away from someone who felt the need to scream into their phone. ...

The last time my son and I physically went to the doctor's office back in January, him for a sinus infection and me for my quarterly blood draw for the mess that is my endocrine system, I was wondering to myself why they were playing the TV so loud in the waiting room. 

Then I looked and saw that the TV was off. It was a woman playing videos at top volume on her cell phone to entertain her kid. 

I thought that it was really lovely of her to share her videos with the entire waiting room and to teach her kid to be an entitled asshat too. That's what I call multitasking!


  1. "Sigh.
    Here the video would be in competition with the overly loud television.
    And the receptionists shouting at hearing impaired patients. Shouting rudely and impatiently.

    1. I sometimes wonder if the receptionists at this place keep a supply of marijuana edibles in their desks. They're always very polite. I can't imagine it's because their jobs are such wonderful fun.


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